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We received wonderful news recently. Vista Dental Care’s own Dr. Michael Min, DDS, was recently honored with the 2015 Patients’ Choice Award in Ontario Dentistry, verified by, an online resource for connecting patients with top dentists nationwide. We are so proud of him!


Painless Injections

Many patients experience anxiety surrounding visits to the dentist. However, the fear generally stems from dental procedures and any potential pain they cause more than the actual visit itself. Luckily, this common anxiety can be eliminated by using painless injections. Having a root canal or a cavity filled no longer need be a stressful experience. Dr. Michael Min and his friendly team at Vista Dental Care will ensure both your comfort and satisfaction.

Dental Vibe for Painless Injections

Offered by Dental Vibe, the painless injection comfort system helps calm the pain and terror associated with receiving shots. A light vibration is applied around the treatment area while the injection is being administered. Doing so allows the brain to focus on the vibration, essentially blocking the signal of pain that typically comes from the injection. As a result, patients are able to focus on receiving the best care possible from Vista Dental Care instead of worrying about pain.

Improving Your Dental Experience

By using the Dental Vibe Injection Comfort System, dental visits are no longer something to dread. Instead, the entire dental experience is enhanced. With the issue of pain becoming a thought of the past, both dentist and patient are able to relax. A dental procedure doesn’t have to be an unpleasant task to check off your to-do list. With the use of painless injections, your next visit should be entirely worry-free.

If painless injections are something in which you would find comfort, it’s worth asking about. If you’re in the Ontario area, contact Vista Dental Care to schedule an appointment. Want something to smile about? Let Dr. Michael Min and his staff handle all your dental needs.


Dental work doesn't get better than this! Dr Min really cares that you have the best experience. From top of the personable staff to top of the line equipment, you can tell that the whole office strives for you to have the best experience possible. If you see Dr. Min, or anyone on his team, rest assured that it will be as comfortable and painless as possible..

Paul B.

Easily one of the best hidden gems in Ontario. Dr. Min and his staff are really caring people. Having been to the bigger chain dentist and upscale offices, vista dental has them beat. I really did feel at ease here and this is coming from someone who has anxiety lol. I love this place!!! You guys are great!

Angelica C.

They care about each of their clients. The doctors work with each person to give the dental care they deserve at a price that is fair. The reception desk workers are kind and helpful. The communication between the patient and the office is incredible. I have recommended them to friends and will continue to do so!

Carola M.

I recently had my dentist in AZ extract my tooth. 4 days later I was experiencing unbearable pain while working in Ontario, CA and I found Dr. Min's office online. He was great, fixed the problem, and explained everything to my understanding 10X better than my original dentist in AZ. Thanks Dr. Min!

Isaiah P.


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