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We received wonderful news recently. Vista Dental Care’s own Dr. Michael Min, DDS, was recently honored with the 2015 Patients’ Choice Award in Ontario Dentistry, verified by, an online resource for connecting patients with top dentists nationwide. We are so proud of him!


Save Time. Save Money. Get Beautiful Results.

Multiple visits to the dentist to complete some types of dental care services has become an accepted norm for many years. At Vista Dental Care in Ontario, CA, Dr. Michael Min, DDS, and his top-notch dental team have turned to the latest breakthroughs in dental technology to provide our patients with faster, more affordable cosmetic dentistry without sacrificing quality. We call it “single-visit dentistry.”

Same-Day Crowns

Your beautiful smile is back in one visit!

Dr. Michael Min, DDS, of Vista Dental Care in Ontario, CA is pleased to introduce you to our revolutionary Same-Day Crown service using CEREC, the world’s most popular crown-making technology. CEREC eliminates everything dental patients dread about the old way of making a ceramic crown, so you can enjoy:

  • No multiple visits to get the crown made
  • No messy mold for making an impression of your tooth
  • No need for waiting with a temporary crown that can fall out
  • No waiting weeks for the permanent crown

Ready in 2 Hours! Just like that, CEREC technology makes it easier to restore your perfect smile in one convenient visit to Vista Dental Care.

Same-Day Crowns. Simple, Gentle, & Fast.

Step 1: 3-D Scan of your Teeth

Dr. Min scans your teeth with the hand-held CEREC intra-oral camera. This imaging creates a full-color 3-D model of your teeth, thus eliminating the need for doing messy, old fashioned impressions. This step takes about 5 minutes.

Step 2: Create the Restoration Design

Based on the 3-D model of your teeth, Dr. Min uses his expertise to create a computerized “restoration design” of your teeth on the CEREC screen while you watch! When he’s done, Dr. Min pushes a button on the CEREC machine to send the design to his in-office CEREC milling machine. This step takes about 30 minutes.

Step 3: Make the Same-Day Crown

A ceramic block that matches your tooth shade is placed in the milling machine where it is carefully shaped into your new crown (restoration). This step takes 10-20 minutes.

Step 4: Bond your New Crown in Place

Dr. Min sets the crown in position in your mouth to make sure it’s a proper fit and bite. He then polishes it and bonds it to your tooth. This step takes 10-20 minutes.

Same-Day Crowns…welcome to the future of dentistry…now at Vista Dental Care!


Your beautiful smile is back in one visit!

It’s so embarrassing! You chipped or knocked out a front tooth in a bad fall or a sports or car accident. Suddenly you have a gaping hole in your mouth that makes you to want to take a sick day from work or school.

Dr. Michael Min, DDS, at Vista Dental Care in Ontario, CA is pleased to introduce our revolutionary Tooth-in-a-Day service that will replace your missing tooth in one visit to our dental office. After just a few hours, you’ll walk out confidently with a beautiful, new tooth implant. You can smile and talk all you want, because nobody will know that it’s not your original tooth.

How Is “Tooth in a Day” Possible?

Normally, when patients need a dental implant to support a new tooth, their dentist refers them to an oral surgeon to secure the implant post in their jaw. Then the patient returns to their dentist to have the new tooth restoration positioned and fitted on the implant base.

At Vista Dental Care, Dr. Michael Min performs the complete procedure in his office. He has received hundreds of hours of advanced dental implants training with the top implant specialist in southern California. His kind of expertise is unique for a general dentistry practice.

“Tooth in a Day” Saves Time & Money

The efficiency of Vista Dental Care’s “Tooth in a Day” service saves patients the time and money ordinarily spent on multiple appointments with two dental professionals. For Dr. Min, the ultimate payoff is the aesthetic quality of the new tooth.

“My staff and I enjoy doing the entire dental implant process, because we have better control over the quality from beginning to end—an accurately-positioned implant with a tooth restoration that fits perfectly and looks natural and beautiful in your mouth.”

“Tooth in a Day”…welcome to the future of dentistry…now at Vista Dental Care!

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Dental work doesn't get better than this! Dr Min really cares that you have the best experience. From top of the personable staff to top of the line equipment, you can tell that the whole office strives for you to have the best experience possible. If you see Dr. Min, or anyone on his team, rest assured that it will be as comfortable and painless as possible..

Paul B.

Easily one of the best hidden gems in Ontario. Dr. Min and his staff are really caring people. Having been to the bigger chain dentist and upscale offices, vista dental has them beat. I really did feel at ease here and this is coming from someone who has anxiety lol. I love this place!!! You guys are great!

Angelica C.

They care about each of their clients. The doctors work with each person to give the dental care they deserve at a price that is fair. The reception desk workers are kind and helpful. The communication between the patient and the office is incredible. I have recommended them to friends and will continue to do so!

Carola M.

I recently had my dentist in AZ extract my tooth. 4 days later I was experiencing unbearable pain while working in Ontario, CA and I found Dr. Min's office online. He was great, fixed the problem, and explained everything to my understanding 10X better than my original dentist in AZ. Thanks Dr. Min!

Isaiah P.


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