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Multiple visits to the dentist to complete some types of dental care services has become an accepted norm for many years. At Vista Dental Care in Ontario, CA, Dr. Michael Min, DDS, and his top-notch dental team have turned to the latest breakthroughs in dental technology to provide our patients with faster, more affordable cosmetic dentistry without sacrificing quality. We call it “single-visit dentistry.”

Same-Day Crowns

The Old Way: The traditional way of making a porcelain crown for a damaged tooth usually takes weeks and two or three visits to the dentist to complete. First, a messy mold makes an impression of your teeth. Then the mold is sent off to a dental lab where the crown is made. Meanwhile, the dentist puts a temporary crown on your tooth to protect it until the permanent crown arrives a couple of weeks later. Many dentists still rely on that tedious process.

The New Way: Vista Dental Care’s Same-Day Crowns service uses the latest crown-making technology to create beautiful porcelain crowns in our dental office in just two hours—not two weeks! Read more about Same-Day Crowns and the revolutionary technology that makes it possible.

Tooth in a Day

No need to suffer the embarrassment of a broken or missing tooth! Our exclusive same-day service replaces your damaged tooth with a beautiful dental implant in just one visit. Dr. Michael Min, DDS, has the advanced training to perform the complete dental implant procedure in his office. Within hours you’ll be able to walk out with a natural-looking tooth in position. Read more about our convenient Tooth in a Day service and the special expertise offered at Vista Dental Care.

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