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Introducing Vista Dental Care’s Complete Onsite Dental Implants Services

Vista Dental Care is not a typical general dentistry practice, because Dr. Michael Min, DDS, is not a typical general dentist. In addition to providing all the general and cosmetic dentistry services you expect to find, Dr. Min has the specialized skills and training to perform the two-stage dental implant procedure in his office—without having to send patients to another specialist for the implant surgery.

Dr. Min is a member of the Academy of Osseointegration, a professional organization devoted to establishing high standards for dental implants, advancing dental implant technology, and providing continuing education and training opportunities for dentists to hone their dental implant skills. He has completed hundreds of hours of advanced training under the guidance of the leading implant specialist in California. He continues to update his training annually.

I have trained extensively as a dental implant specialist because it allows me to control the aesthetics of the final result—the perfect positioning of your new tooth in natural alignment with your surrounding teeth. When I surgically place the dental implant, I can position it precisely and accurately so that I can have full control of the final outcome of the restoration to achieve a more predictable success.”

— Dr. Michael Min, DDS

Vista Dental Care’s dental implant services also include:

Tooth in a Day

If you’ve knocked out a front tooth due to an accident or bad fall, Dr. Min can replace your missing tooth with a beautiful dental implant in one visit. After just a few hours, you’ll walk out confidently with a sparkling, new tooth. You can smile and talk all you want, because nobody will know it’s not your original tooth. Read more

Denture Stabilization with Implants

Anyone with dentures knows that chewing food seldom feels the same as it did when they had their own teeth. That’s because dentures reduce your normal chewing power by 90%. With the help of two dental implants stabilizing your dentures, you can enjoy 10 times more chewing force than you currently have.

Each implant uses state-of-the-art Zest Locators pivot technology that makes it easy for you to click your dentures onto the implants or remove them. With additional implants, you can get even closer to the old feeling of regular chewing.


Advanced 3D X-Ray Technology for Precise Implant Positioning

Beautiful, natural-looking tooth implants that fit and align perfectly between your natural teeth begin with the proper positioning of the dental implant in your jaw. That’s why Dr. Min uses state-of-the-art 3D digital X-ray technology to guide and plan accurate placement of the implant with the final tooth restoration in mind. Using the latest cone beam CT technology, the Sirona Orthophos SL 3D Imaging System offers benefits for patients such as:

  • Less radiation exposure – Sirona’s 3D digital x-rays produce sharp high-definition images while using dramatically less radiation than older cone-beam CT technologies.
  • Safety – 3D images of your jaw help Dr. Min identify and avoid vital structures (arteries, unexpected nerve channel paths, and concealed roots) and identify the presence of any infection in your jaw which would need to be treated before the dental implant surgery is performed.

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