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Ontario CA General DentistAre you diabetic? Even if your diabetes is under control or you're borderline diabetic, the condition can significantly impact your oral health. In fact, people with diabetes are more susceptible to lose their teeth as a result of gum disease than people with healthy blood sugar levels. If you've always struggled with your oral health or seemed to have "bad teeth," your diabetes may be part of the reason why.

Controlling Gingivitis is Key

Prophylactic, or "preventive" dental appointments are usually recommended every six months for people with good oral health. If you've been treated for gum disease or seem to be constantly battling symptoms of gingivitis, you may need to book your cleaning with one of our hygienists as frequently as every three to four months.

If You Have Active Periodontal Disease

Our dentist in Ontario may recommend an initial series of periodontal therapy sessions, or "deep cleanings." Most of the time, these more extensive cleanings are broken up over the course of two to four appointments. You may have your mouth numbed, before our hygienist cleans all of the deep gum pockets around each of your teeth.

From there, you have a "blank slate" again. With the help of modified brushing and flossing techniques, you will be able to reduce the bacterial load inside of your mouth. About three months later, you will return to Vista Dental Care for a periodontal maintenance cleaning. Gradually, these visits may be spread out to every six months again...but not before your diabetes is back in check!

If you're diabetic and concerned about the future of your smile, contact Vista Dental Care to schedule your next visit with us!

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