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Ontario CA DentistTooth decay is a real disease. A cavity is the damage left by a bacterial infection in your mouth. The bad news is that you probably already have tons of these bacteria living around your teeth right now.

The good news is that should high numbers of germs cause one of your teeth to develop a cavity, you can nip it in the bud really quick. Restorative techniques like those used at Vista Dental Care will have you smiling again in no time, so that cavities won’t continue to spread.

Here's what to look for if you suspect you have a cavity.

1. Dark Stain

Probably the most tell-tale sign you've got a cavity is an obvious hole in your tooth, tinged with brown. This coloration is the result of eroding tooth tissue, so the cavity may also give off an unpleasant taste and/or smell.

2. Sugar Stings Your Tooth

Cavity-causing bacteria produce an acid which wears away enamel and creates a hole. The deeper the cavity, the more that a sensitive tooth nerve is exposed. These nerves don't like the feel of sugar, so if you jump out of your seat on biting into a sweet treat, it could be a sign of decay.

3. Sensitivity

If your tooth is very sensitive in general – even if you’re breathing in air –it may mean the enamel has thinned out from acid exposure and decay.

4. Loose Filling Or Crown

A loose filling or crown could mean that some cavity-causing bacteria have crept underneath and started to undermine the underlying tooth tissue.

Whether you've noticed these signs or not, schedule regular dental checkups at Vista Dental Care. We'll help you stay on top of your smile health and let you know of potential problems.

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