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Ontario CA DentistThousands of adults in the United States regularly visit a periodontist in addition to their regular dentist to manage gum problems. 

You may have a gum infection yourself if you notice:

  • Gums receding
  • Loose teeth or teeth shifting out of alignment
  • Bleeding on brushing or flossing
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Swollen gums

What could be behind these symptoms?

Inflamed gums often result from an overgrowth of plaque bacteria. Once the inflammation extends beyond the gums into the surrounding ligaments and bone, the condition is labeled “periodontitis.”

Most mild cases of periodontal infections can be successfully treated in a comprehensive general dentistry practice.

But when is it time to see a periodontist, an actual gum specialist?

A dentist like Dr. Min may refer you to a periodontist for reasons like:

  • Your inflamed gums aren’t responding to traditional treatment methods
  • You’ve developed periodontitis at a relatively young age
  • Your teeth have lost extensive bone support

You can actually refer yourself to a periodontist if you’re very concerned about your gum health. But most people find it easier to get an opinion from their general dentist, first.

Don’t hesitate to see a periodontist if you feel your gums’ situation is urgent. However, you also don’t want to waste a trip by seeing a specialist unnecessarily.

Why not visit a dentist who can help you get a handle on your dental health as well as your gum health?

Take care of several things at once by getting a checkup at a local Ontario dental office like Vista Dental Care. Visit us for a gum health evaluation. Our team will let you know whether your unique needs merit a referral to a periodontist.

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