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Ontario CA Same Day Dental AppointmentsConventional dentistry has often relied on series of appointments, back-and-forth communication between your dentist and a dental lab, and extra time off work. At Vista Dental Care, we've implemented revolutionary techniques and technology to cut your appointments in half. In fact, you can complete treatments like crowns and even implants in just one visit.

What Are Single Visit Crowns?

A Same Day Crown is a tooth colored restoration that we make right here in our Ontario office. The entire process is completed in just an hour or two, instead of two visits a couple of weeks apart. First, we prep the tooth as normal, then we take a "virtual" (digital) impression. The data is transferred into our milling equipment, where an extremely accurate crown is carved out from a solid piece of porcelain while you wait.

Being that your crown is digitally crafted, there is literally no room for human error. The result is a precisely fitting "cap" that fits extremely well, down to the finest of details.

Relax and Catch Up on Your Smile

We can pair your single visit crown with other treatments like sedation dentistry, fillings, or your implant treatment. Thanks to sedation, you're able to feel comfortable and relaxed from start to finish. It's an excellent option for people with longer procedures, or those who just feel a bit anxious.

Are you hesitant to get a crown because of the two weeks you'll spend in a temporary restoration? Contact Vista Dental Care today to enjoy a permanent new crown in just one appointment. Be sure to ask about our teeth in a day option!

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