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Ontario CA Pediatric DentistOne of your toughest tasks all day may be that of brushing your kids’ teeth.

Lest that important daily chore turn into a battle of wills, you need to find a way to win your children’s cooperation.

Find a way to make them receptive to good oral hygiene now, and they’ll be able to make smart choices about their dental health when they’re grown.

These tips on behalf of Vista Dental Care can get you started on the right track:

Turn Brushing Into a Game

Make brushing fun! Stir up some friendly competition by seeing who can brush longer: Dad or Junior. Use a timer. Play a song they’ll have to brush for the duration of. Have toddlers first brush the teeth of their favorite stuffed animal and maybe even let them brush yours.

Let Kids Have a Say in Shopping

Children, especially little ones, are more likely to cooperate in something they get to help with. They’ll wear clothes they pick out, eat food they helped cook, and so on. The same principle applies with brushing.

Let your kids pick out toothbrushes they love. Have them select a kid-friendly toothpaste in a flavor they enjoy. This way, you can get them psyched about using their cool new Batman brush before going to bed.

Use a Positive Rewards System

Create a chart where each child gets a sticker every time they properly brush their teeth when asked. Make it a team effort. Once every child reaches the goal, they get rewarded with a special outing.

Remember to schedule your kids’ next dental visits right here in Ontario at Vista Dental Care. We look forward to helping your family’s smiles stay bright!

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